Saying Good-bye

I wrote this letter to my friend 
(I'll not call her name) shortly after Christmas last year. Her mother died in early January after a long illness. 

Losing your mother might well be the most poignant of all experiences. There are times when you need your mother. You just need your mother and no one else will do. You cannot be faulted for that. 

I had a feeling ...

but when I read your last sweet words to your mom, I knew. I knew it would be difficult, for I’ve been down that road. There is nothing that equals the heartache of saying goodbye to the dearest on earth. To the one that gave you birth. To the one who cuddled you when you were a babe, sang the lullabies, kissed away the hurts, and waited up for you when you were a teenager. And then one day, the roles reversed and you were there. Yes, you were there in full remembrance of all those years, for the tides had turned and you were the one singing the lullabies, kissing away the hurts, washing her beautiful hair, and fulfilling her every desire. That’s how life goes, and one would do well to follow in your footsteps with no regrets. You did the godly thing. You honored your mother, all to the very end and even then, you could not do enough. But that’s how it is when you love someone passionately and unconditionally. 

Your work is done now, and you are blessed beyond mention that God gave you a wonderful, loving, kind man to hold your hand through the valley, on the high mountain. Now he will kiss away the tears and hold you in the long, dark night, until the pain diminishes. And it will. I can promise you that. It will never go away, but amazingly, God makes it possible to carry on. Only He can do such as that. Lean on Him, and know that you are loved beyond measure.

Your life-friend,
Jane Bennett Gaddy
Proverbs 3:5-6