Life's Simple Pleasures

It is likely my Mississippi and Tennessee friends and family are not looking forward to the next few days, for there's yet another snow on the way.

A couple of weeks ago, I couldn't help but think about "White Christmas" when Bing and friends were pining to be in Vermont with "all that snow..." Vermont had none... Mississippi had it in spades! And we had only to pretend to be in Vermont,  although it was a mere five inches.

For Northeast Mississippi, it might as well have been two feet. Everything shut down for days. Everything but the hills and valleys where kids, both young and old, pulled out the snow sleds for the first time in years with enough snow to challenge thrill hill. 

Well, I didn't challenge a hill, but I did enjoy the beauty of it and I had only to walk the long and winding road to do so.

Dr. Barkley's Gate

Barkley's Horse Pasture... Untouched and Beautiful

The Road to Mom and Dad's

Hoping I Don't Slip!

Before I Get to the Top of the Hill...

This is the most thought-provoking road I've ever walked. Mother and Daddy lived here for the last thirty plus years of their lives, and for the first time, I walked it in the snow. Days like these help me get things back into perspective. Maybe that's why it was easy to be away from the computer and all that keeps me tied to daily routine. And for an entire month? It can be done.

There was just one downside to the experience.

The man I adore 
was not with me! 
Hey... but even if 
he had been, 
he would not have 
been out in this white stuff
for love nor money!
He's a Florida boy. 
Well, at least for the weather part.

To me, this was one of life's simple pleasures. They are the best. And that's not just cliche.

The Naked Poplar Tree


  1. Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow. It snowed today and I still can't wait for the next one. I like the post with pictures. I want to do more of that myself. Great job. Kepp them coming.


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