Surely not.
I think they know.
They're just not telling.

They could be concentrating.

Or contemplating
their next move.
The eyes.
Look at the eyes.
A dead give-away.

Oh, never mind.
They were sitting on the
subway map.
Which way
to the
Brooklyn Bridge?

Great Shot!

It's a tad windy up here. Somebody pulled my hair.
Is this Rapunzel again in the heart of Manhattan?
That water surrounding the moat has a light chop.

GQ Joe here!
He's ditched Lady Chatterly
in Battery Park!

I'm coming, I'm coming!
Whose idea was it to walk to Tudor City?
And are we taking the high road again?

Must be Trump's Place.
Why the disgusted looks?
I think it's a right nice house, myself.

She calls him "One Singular Sensation"! 
Isn't he adorable?
And isn't she!
Say, is this stage slanted?
Hold me up, Ryan!

The inability to fall asleep or
to remain asleep long enough 
for your brother to catch a few winks,
especially when this is a
problem that continues . . .
and continues . . .
and continues . . .
over time.


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