Speaking of the post just before this one—THE COVER—I said all that to say this . . .

My friend, Dale, is a real photographer. In fact, I have never seen better photos. Of course, he has been doing it for twenty years, has all the latest and best devices, including computer equipment where he can enhance his photos to look like paintings. He really is amazing with a camera and computer. When he talks about it, I just shake my head "yes" like I know what he's talking about. He knows I haven't a clue, but he indulges me. Such a nice man!

I've seen several hundreds of an endless plethora of gorgeous photos Dale has taken. Among his vast and incredible stash are tropical birds. He finds the most gorgeous birds right here on the Nature Coast, down on the Suncoast, up in St. Augustine, over in New Orleans, and just about any place you can name. You can know a couple of days in advance that Dale will be going to West Virginia, Washington, D.C., the North Carolina and Georgia mountains, and his beloved Pittsburgh. You name it, and he's been there in his big Cadillac Escalade loaded down with camera equipment. In about ten days, he returns like a hunter with trophies.

Recently, Dale went to Charleston (one of my favorite places in the South). He was on a mission to photograph doors. Southern Doors. If  you've ever been to Charleston, you have likely walked down the concrete boardwalk that separates these beautiful southern homes from the Ocean. Of course, we were all anxious to see the door pictures.

Well, Dale got this great idea to publish some of his photographs in coffee table books. He did all his research and came up with a publisher. The whole exercise was amazing. He researched it, followed the instructions, and the next morning, he comes into Panera with the photographs of doors all entered into this program for publishing. One little crooked smile and I agreed to write the captions for the pictures, which I did overnight. Long story short, within twenty-four hours, the book was completed, Dale had ordered some copies, and he already has a response from someone who loved the book and had also ordered it.

Southern Doors

Now, things are really moving fast. Before long, I expect Dale to have a volume of beautiful coffee table books, the next one being one of my favorites—old, old barns, farmhouses, plows, buggies, and buildings. 

Can't wait to see what's on this man's agenda. As his gorgeous wife, Michele says, "It's about time everybody out there gets to look at his photographs." They are truly works of art and worth sharing. Hope you click and read. You can see the entire book on the publisher's site. Enjoy!

Jane Bennett Gaddy, Author
House Not Made With Hands

The Mississippi Boys