You can trust them! 
Just as they said they would, and in the time frame they mentioned as being reasonable—

—Barnes and Noble came through for me with an e-publication of my second book, The Mississippi Boys! 

This morning early, I went once again to the e-Pub site to see if they had completed the process. Not yet. I just went in again, and there it is. Up in lights! Now, that's exciting!

Many of you, my friends and family, already own The Mississippi Boys in hard copy, and, once again, thank you for that! But if you could just do this one thing for me, I would love you even more, if that's possible.

If you own a NOOK Book, please click right here— Barnes&Noble.com and purchase my book for NOOK. It's only $6.00. I set the price myself, kept it low, so all of you could get it for your NOOK just to humor me! 

Actually, it gives me credibility as an author with books available at Barnes and Noble, and puts me up closer in the line of sales.

If you don't own a NOOK Book, you can download FREE—NOOK for PC, Mac, your iPad, iPod, Android, and other such electronic devices with which you are familiar, but I am not! Then, just go to Barnes&Noble.com and download my book for the lowly little price of $6.00.

I labeled The Mississippi Boys as first in a "series" called Faithful Sons. As you know my upcoming book is entitled Isaac's House.  I'm still pondering about offering Isaac's House on NOOK. If I do, hopefully some agent out there, or some publisher who wants to take a chance on this writer, will see the value in doing so.

Thanks for including me amongst your favorite authors, and please send me a response if you download or order The Mississippi Boys for your NOOK!

More about Isaac's House later!
My best to all my readers!

Jane Bennett Gaddy


  1. Aunt Wanda,
    i had no idea what a nook book was...but now i have one!

  2. Did you get one? Wow! That's great! Are you going to put MS BOYS on? Hope so!! Love you, and wish you were coming to Fam. Reunion. It's not too late, you know! We're going to have a blast! Love you so much, D'Anna! My publisher is adapting my other book (HOUSE NOT MADE WITH HANDS) to all electronic readers, too! Yay for that!

  3. actually, i downloaded the e-book for nook for pc and iphone....not until Nichol's post last week did i know it was an actual device! Love you Aunt Wanda! just couldn't make it this year - hopefully next year's we'll all be in attendance.

  4. I love you, too, D'Anna! And there's always Christmas Eve morning, right?


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