Sometimes it's hard to get into the writing (and reading) mode in the heat of summer, hot weather being less conducive to concentration and atmosphere. I can't seem to find the perfect place to do what I love doing best. I never had that problem in Carolina with its beautiful mountains and greenness, waterfalls and gentle breezes. Guess I'm going to have to retreat to Howard Park Beach (is that what you call that place? not sure). 

I have far too many friends now at Panera. Can't get a thing done except talk a blue streak! I do love those people, though. So, I go there first, get that done, and try, try, try to find a place to write that makes me feel good. 

I did find Longleaf, a community that will take you back to the thirties or forties when bungalows were built on alleys out of necessity while now, for effect. They all have proper porches with banisters; they're painted different colors and have slightly different designs—colors and designs of an era that we, who were born in the early forties, like to think were our kind of houses. 

I remember photos of a house we lived in in Detroit that looked exactly like these only much more authentic with oldness. Here it is! Though all you can see is the banister. That's my cute big sister with the curly hair and I'm sitting on the banister with the chocolate face.

At Longleaf, there is a village at the front with a gazebo, an Italian restaurant, a proper consignment shop, something like a cigar store, and a great coffee shop that serves a nice short menu. Over the row of stores are condos or apartments designed same as the houses in the—let's call it—neighborhood.

Now, back to writing. The gazebo is quite like the one in Sound of Music, but much smaller, of course, another little area with Adirondack chairs sitting on white pebbles and outdoor tables and chairs along the front of the village stores. I think this will be a great place to write (and read). 

Oh, I must get to the reason for posting. I DID IT! I hit the final button last night, having talked the prior thirty minutes to Jordan at Barnes & Noble in Clearwater. He's the one who encouraged me to put my books on NOOK. I'm so glad I listened to him, and when I had some final questions, my friend Dale Caperell (yes, he's the professional photographer; we've authored two picture books together) helped with my questions, explaining where things go that seem to be going into the black hole. I thank God for Dale! He knows everything I never thought to learn about computers. He should know it all. He has seven of them, all in use in his photography studio.

Back to Jordan. He explained how I was to get my download of the manuscript to NOOK for PC so I could review it properly before whacking the final key to publish. And then with uncontrollable reflexes in my fingers, I hit that button and if I could have gazed into a mirror, I'm sure I would have seen shock on my face. I sat there dumbfounded that I would do such a thing, and in two seconds this little box pops up that says, Congratulations, your book is published. Give us 24 to 72 hours, we will announce it to you; you can announce it to your friends and family. 

So it's done! The Mississippi Boys can soon be read on NOOK Book. On NOOK for iPad, for iPhone, for Android, for PC, for Mac! I think I'm immersing myself in electronic reading and writing and I know absolutely nothing about any of it! 

You know, that's quite like enjoying electricity. We can easily flip the switch and the lights come on. But that doesn't mean we understand all that went on behind that wall to make the lights come on.

And it doesn't matter that we don't understand the wind, but we certainly enjoy the breeze on a hot summer day.

I don't have to have seen the God of Glory to believe he exists. And even better than that, I don't have to be able to see him to know how much he loves and cares about me. Enough said?

I'll let you know when my title goes live on Barnes & Noble NOOK! By the way, if you want to, you can download NOOK for PC and all those other gadgets FREE! I did. It's really quite exciting to read from an electronic device. I hope I'm not totally conforming!

God Bless!
Jane Bennett Gaddy
The Mississippi Boys


  1. Oh! Exciting!! Congrats on your book on nook (why, it rhymes! ;])! I don't have nook, but I'll have to see about downloading it on my PC, and then, maybe if we figure it out, Mom and I would enjoy your book, I'm sure!

    Your visit at Panera sounds so nice... I love Panera too and love to write there also- it's warm and homey, and in your case, it sounds like a great social circle as well!

    The old pic is so very adorable... you can't help but smiling back at y'all. :)

    Mom has told me so much about you, and I was so delighted when I received your very kind comment- thank you so much! Very very encouraging! I had tried to find your blog on her list before you came, but couldn't... perhaps it is on a private setting... or perhaps it is because I am still a rookie at blogspot and missed it (the latter is the most likely). At any rate, I'm so glad to meet you finally and look forward to getting to know you better through your blogs. May the Lord bless and keep you! ~Marianna

  2. There you are, sweet girl! Thanks for finding me! I have found in reading your mother's blogs that we have so much in common in the Lord. I tell her we're cut from the same piece of cloth! And here you are, just like your mom.

    You know, I don't have a Nook either, but I did download Nook for PC (free!), and that's just as good. I still like to hold a hardcover book, don't you? I'm reading Eugenia Price's GEORGIA TRILOGY (some big old books that fall in my face at night when I'm reading!), but I just have to be holding a book most of the time.

    I muddle through with the blogs, myself. I have three attached to this one. Your mom seems to really know how to handle the blog.

    Thanks for considering my book. If you love historical fiction, I believe you will love this one. It definitely has a southern slant, because I based it on letters my great-great grandfather and his sons wrote home while they were fighting with Lee's Army of Northern Virginia.

    Marianna, it is splendid to know that young people like you are out there doing life the right way. I've read enough "Amelia" to know how you were raised. Praise God for faithful parents who love their children like yours do. You are truly blessed.

    Thanks, again, for finding me. I look forward to enjoying your posts. Keep writing and know that there is someone out here who loves you very much, even sight-unseen!

    In Christ alone,
    Jane BG

  3. Mrs. Jane, your comment here surely did my heart good today. Thank you for your warm heart and kind words... I needed them today.

    You are certainly right about the pleasure of holding a book! Last time I saw a girl holding one of those electronic devices, I asked if I could hold it, just to see what it'd be like snuggling up with one. It didn't seem as bad as I'd imagined, but still, certainly not the charm of a "real" book. Now that I think about it, I think we'll just have to buy a hard copy of your book... it sounds like it'd be perfect to curl up with it and a cup of tea or coffee. :) You know, I am still so old fashioned I don't text, and I like keeping my schedule in a book, rather than online.

    I laughed at your remark about books falling in your face sometimes- it has happened to me too before- I suppose it is good exercise for the arms, yes?! ;)

    Thank you again for your precious comments, both here and on my blog- you are a real encouragement to both Mom and I, and I pray that the Lord will give us the privilege of doing the same for you some way.

    In His love,

  4. Oh, but you have already! Such great encouragement. From just the right people... I literally thrive on it. No texting for me, either! And I tried a couple of times to keep calendar on my PC, but I'm a total failure there, too! The longer I live, the easier it is for me to say... "take this whole world, but give me Jesus"! He really is all we need.

    Marianna, it's nearing 10:00 on the Nature Coast of Florida and I bid you goodnight. May the Lord hold you in his loving arms until we talk once again. Give your mom an extra hug for me tonight.

    Love and Blessings,
    Jane BG


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