A couple of days ago, my good friend, Dale—you know Dale, the professional photographer, a sort of genius when it comes to digital photography and all that goes along with it—came in to the coffee shop with his iPad, which he does when he has something to show us. Well ... I'm fascinated by the iPad, especially Dale's. His is the home of hundreds of beautiful photos he has taken, all categorized and ready to view in a slide show. At the coffee shop, we love it when Dale brings one of his electronic devices so we can see his photos. Or when someone asks him to bring in the two books we authored together, we sit oo-ing and ah-ing all over again.

But on this day, Dale had something else to show me. He had purchased my e-book and downloaded it to Nook for iPad, and suddenly I was reading my book on Dale's iPad, just like an open book, pink bookmark and all.

My point here is this... I'm a writer, mostly of historical fiction. I don't own an E-Reader. No Nook. No Kindle, No iPad. Not much of anything except my PC, which does allow me to purchase and read my own book on Nook for PC, which I have done. But somehow, this was different. Dale opened my book, The Mississippi Boys, for everyone at the table to see. I felt proud. Almost to the point where I am now wishing I had an iPad or an E-Reader of some sort. Never thought I would own up to that!

Now, I was just hoping—if you have a brand new Nook—that you might go to Barnes and Noble and order The Mississippi Boys. It only costs $6.00. I kept it low so all my friends and family, even though you may have the hard copy could add it to your Reader, A lot of you have already done that, and I want to thank you for it. Thank you for being my fans and spreading the word about my published books.

I told you I would soon be publishing Isaac's House on Nook, but I'm going to hold on that for a few more days. Something very exciting is happening. However, I don't want to tell it. I don't want to get my hopes up, which is a hard thing for me. I think I live on adrenalin these days.

I promise to let you know one way or the other. And that's all I'll say about that right now.

In the meantime, my head is so full of manuscripts.

Here's a list of what I'm working on:
~ GIBBO—Life Story of a World Class English-American Soccer Coach
~ THE ANCHOR HOLDS, Victor's Story—An inspirational memoir of an AME Pastor from Birmingham, Alabama.
~THE HALF CHANCE, A Novel.  I'm editing this manuscript for a gentleman in Independence, Missouri.

And of course, my beloved Isaac's House, ready to be marketed to a publisher.

When I'm finished with all of these and get them in somebody's hopper for publishing, I promise myself I am going to collapse.

There are three stacks of papers on the floor by my computer, and my desk is piled up with the same, and here I sit posting to my blog. Sometimes you just have to walk away. The frontal lobe of my brain is categorized these days. I see it as a cyber-spaced computer filing cabinet with the above mentioned folders whose dog-eared pages are virtually sticking out the tops of the files. There are words on every page and they are filling up all four corners of my one brain cell. I might just explode at any moment! But before I do, I must get back to my edit. I think the reason I am procrastinating is that I have only one chapter left. That means I have to print and read, read, read maybe for the rest of the night. 

It's a very good thing I love what I do.
More about Isaac's House soon!

My best scripture for the evening would be Philippians 2:5 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.

Jane Bennett Gaddy,
Author and, I guess, Editor!

Photograph and temporary cover design by Dale Caperell, Photographer, Trinity, FL