The Half Chance—

I recently—in my spare time—edited Mr. Cy Robinson's manuscript and got him to the publisher. I even helped him select a proper idea for a cover, and I love it, don't you? I think it turned out just splendid. I know you're like me. You judge a book by its cover. We all do.

You can read between the lines and know that this book has to do with the inner-city, with a man who has a purpose, a destination. It may even be a bit on the melancholy side what with the coldness, the dark of the evening. But look at the beautiful orange glow of the street lamps as it falls on the man in the trench coat. Where there's light, there's hope of a bright tomorrow. There's love, laughter and a good cup of coffee.

Just read it. 
You'll understand.

You can peruse a chapter from his book and get a few details at the publisher's site; however, the publisher will be adding more in due time. It's still hot on the press! 

Soon Mr. Cy's books will be available in online bookstores all over the world. In the meantime, you can order directly from the publisher if you would like. 

Just click here and enjoy!  
The Half Chance

Oh, and I just checked Barnes& It's there, too!
The Half Chance at B&N

Available in hardcover, paperback and Nook.

And thanks, Mr. Cy and your daughter, Julie, for getting my two published books into the libraries in Kansas City, Missouri! You guys are the best!

Jane Bennett Gaddy
Writer, Editor