In the Bend of the Road

Isaac dropped one arm and with the other around her waist he led her through the thicket to the curve of the road and stopped a few paces back.

"Right here, Jen. Just beyond the tree with the roots exposed over the road. Here's where I want to build my house. I want to live the rest of my life right here. In the bend of the road, secluded by all these trees."

"It's magnificent, Isaac."

She wondered if she had a place in all of this, for Isaac was leaving some things unsaid. She envisioned herself standing on the porch waiting for him at the close of a day. She would draw water for his bath from the well beyond the house and wash his hair with lavender. She shivered at the hope, wondering if she should be having such carnal feelings for Isaac Payne.

Excerpts from Isaac's House

The famous Isaac's House tree. 
It still stands, and the house is in the 
brambles and bushes beyond the tree. 
The design team at the publisher did a great job 
with a replica of the tree. 
They inserted the corner of Isaac's House into the woods, 
and every season is depicted. 
I couldn't have asked for more.