Can't Put It Down!

Hope Kim doesn't mind if I share her review of ISAAC'S HOUSE. I just got it today, and I value her words. She has a real way with 'em! Thank you, Kimba!

I finished. A little past midnight last night. I'm a pretty avid reader, I always have been. My mom used to take me and Crystal to the library when we were younger, and we would check out stacks of books at a time and finish them within a week and a half and go back for more. As the years went on, obviously the material that I chose to read matured...or so I like to think :)...but the love of reading stayed the same. In the past few years, I have read many books, and there have been a few that I could not put down, and did not want to end...I would anticipate the next book by that particular author. I have read all 3 of your books...and Issac's House has been put into my collection of 'can't put downs, don't want it to ends'. It's so well paced, emotionally packed, humor and heart amazing journey that when it finally came to an end, I was, ok, I need 'Joab' NOW! :) Incredible work. Now stop reading this, and finish the next one!

I am taking Kim's advice, writing every day on JOAB, so anxious to get it out there to all my readers. Thanks for sticking with me. And thank you, Kim, for putting me on the 'can't put downs, don't want it to ends' list! I am honored.

Jane Bennett Gaddy
Kim is a photographer, a Memphian, 
and one smart cookie.  
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