Book Signing, Havana Dreamers Cafe, Trinity, FL

Sitting in the warm morning sun at the Corner of my choosing today, I pause while writing Chapter 9 of JOAB, to announce my forthcoming signing, which will take place at another favorite Corner—Havana Dreamers Café.

Havana Dreamers is a cozy coffee house sitting beneath small oaks lining the sidewalk and shading the sweet little Cuban café. You know the place, the one with outdoor seating all lined with flower boxes, Italian restaurant on one end, Cuban on the other, overhead second floor apartments with balconies. A great place, Longleaf. I come to this Corner often, across the brick street in the little park, sit on the Adirondacks and write with the sun beating on my face and bare feet, where nobody talks to me because I know few people here. Just the owner of Havana Dreamers, Lisa, and her darling catering coordinator, Anna, who is my friend. It was Anna who set this up for me.Thanks, Anna!

You're going to love this place with delicious aromas of Cuban cuisine, exotic coffees in large round cups, and pleasant folks who love serving people like you and me.

So here are the particulars.

Havana Dreamers Café
Corner of Starkey Road and Towne Avenue
Downtown Longleaf
Trinity, Florida
Friday, May 18, 2012
11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

I will have copies of all three of my books, hard cover and paperback. For a preview of each at Barnes&, just click.

Jane's Books

Can't wait to see all of you there on May 18! If you have ordered a book and would like it signed, just bring it along.


Now—back to my Corner of the moment. The owners that be have done a remarkable thing since I was here last, and I just figured it out. Brilliant! Where I'm sitting is a piazza of sorts, terra cotta stones, tables and chairs of black wrought iron, some with large umbrellas and I always sit up front where the sea gulls fly over and make their unseemly deposits on whatever or whoever may be in their flight pattern. These squawky critters care little that I just showered, washed and curled my hair—SPLAT!

But not any more. Some genius, without disturbing the aesthetics of the Corner triangle, installed three thin metal posts about twelve feet high with holes from top to bottom and stretched acrylic cord or fishing line in zigzags post to post down to the black iron fence.


The sea gulls are angry, have taken their squawky business elsewhere, now depositing to the far side of the parking lot—closer, let's say to... to Starbucks and, with no more shooing, no more wiping off tables and chairs, just peaceful writing time, I am in Coffee Shop Heaven at Panera Bread in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Jane Bennett Gaddy
Trinity, FLA