Havana Dreamers Cafe—A Successful Signing!

Dear Readers,

I have neglected my blogs. Please forgive me and allow me to try and do better.

To catch you up, the Havana Dreamers Cafe signing at Longleaf in Trinity, FLA, was totally successful, thanks to all my local friends who never let me down. We packed out the Cafe and had such a great time. I always make new friends and get new readers when I have a signing.

And something so special happened that day at Havana Dreamers. One of my classmates, Bonnie Campassi, whom I had not seen in 54 years came to the Trinity signing. She traveled from Orlando with her friend, Diana, and I was so delighted to see her and to catch up a bit after all those years. This is Bonnie, me, and my daughter, Angie, who by the way, has been to four of my five signings this year.

Angie's putting finishing touches to her book, which will go to the publisher in about four weeks, maybe less. You'll be hearing more about that, too!

A great big thanks to Lisa, who owns Havana Dreamers Cafe, and Anna, who does the marketing, and Holly, who does the catering, and Lisa's staff who served up some delicious Cuban cuisine. They are all remarkable people, such entrepreneurs, so talented.

Thanks, also, to my friend and photographer, Dale Caperell, who tirelessly takes pictures, but never gets in the photos!

It's amazing that now, since ISAAC'S HOUSE is published, when I have a signing, I take all three books, and I sell all three books. So happy about that.

I have more signings arranged but not scheduled for dates over the summer. Can't wait to get to those. In the meantime, JOAB is on the front burner, and I'm now writing Chapter 13, making good progress but not without lots more research.

Thanks for stopping by to see me. I promise to do better as some of my irons in the fire cool a bit. Looking forward to another MS and TN trip coming up later this summer. See you all there!

Jane Bennett Gaddy
Trinity, FLA