Wrapped in Warmth

It's time to write a bit. Since sending JOAB up to the publisher, I've hardly known what to do with myself. At the same time, it feels good to draw a deep breath before I'm faced with looking at the final proof of the cover, though it's in good hands with the design team. Their initial rendering was amazing, and I look forward to seeing the final. Right now, I'm casually reading and re-reading the book block that's already back from the publisher, to make sure I catch that last mistake. But it's more like gliding compared to the past year's writing of JOAB.

I love the winter time, enjoying these few cold days we're having here in sunny Florida. Somehow, I think winter should be cold and blustery no matter where you are. I try and eke out all I can get. So today, our house is cold—our house is never cold and I love it cold—and I have on a heavy sweater that's like a blanket. Sometimes it feels good to be cold just so you can wrap up and "get warm."

What I'm trying to say is, cold weather is prime time to curl up with a good book and, though I may be a little biased, JOAB suits me just fine. I can hardly wait to hold the hardcover in my hand. Much better than a three-ring binder and a manuscript. And, to tell the truth, I am most excited that I've decided on at least one more story before I lay down the old pen and pad. But first—my beloved JOAB.

If you haven't read The Mississippi Boys and Isaac's House, you might want to consider doing that before JOAB is released. It's The Faithful Sons Trilogy and JOAB is the last volume. Just click the hot buttons and Barnes&Noble.com will open.

My first signing outside of Florida is scheduled in Clarksdale, Mississippi, with Jimmy Giles at the Old Greyhound Bus Station (the tourism building), on April 13, 2013, which is "Juke Joint" weekend, as Delta folks call it. We did it last year, and I cannot tell you how grand it was to be there. So mark your calendar for a great time with old friends and family.

My best to you, Dear Readers.
Jane Bennett Gaddy
Trinity, FLA


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